Design-related challenges faced by today’s marketers

Design-related challenges
faced by today’s marketing teams

We think you will find this page very useful, as we consider what design-related challenges today’s marketers are facing, and how Turquoise Creative can help recognise and overcome them.

Within the last century, starting a new brand has never been so accessible. The digital age in which we live, gives us direct access to markets, decision-makers and talent.

There are a multiplicity of ways to finance brand creation and resource the implementation of a marketing strategy and plans. All this is hugely enabling. However, that doesn’t mean it’s so straightforward that it’s all without challenges to tackle and solve.

Turquoise Creative would like to share some common design-related issues that today’s marketers face.

1 – Successfully translating brand strategy into brand design

There might well be total clarity of brand definition, but translating that into a visual identity that brings the strategy alive in ways that stay true to the brand, is a constant challenge.

Firstly find the right brand designer to work with. Make sure they have a proven ability to achieve to translate brand strategy into brand design. Immerse the brand designer in the strategy until you’re convinced it’s understood. Involve the brand designer throughout the strategy process to deliver the complete transition.

2 – Consistent implementation of the brand’s visual identity across so many online and offline channels

With so many diverse communication channels and routes to market, it’s an ever-increasing challenge to implement the brand consistently across them all. From packaging to Pinterest and Instagram to ink, with new channels and technologies emerging so frequently, it’s a challenge to ensure the brand is consistently and correctly represented.

As part of the branding development process road-test your brand colours and graphics. Assess how they are treated across different communication channels. Create a set of draft brand guidelines that are confirmed or adapted once applied across a variety of different applications.

3 – Visually differentiating your visual identity whilst staying true to the brand

‘Plastic’ or ‘fake’ brands pretending to be something they are clearly not.  Be authentic or die. It’s that simple. But do this in a way that ensures the brand stands-out, especially in a crowded marketplace. On top of this lies the challenge to do this in design styles that are relatively timeless. Otherwise, your trendy brand, won’t be around the next trading season.

Create graphical devices/treatments that bring alive the DNA of your brand. Do this in ways that are current and can evolve without most people noticing. This helps to make the brand timeless, not faddy.

4 – Developing or refreshing brand identity that has to work outside the home market

Why create branding and a visual identity that cannot travel outside a home market? If the brand has been created outside the UK, then this challenge may become a reality for UK based Marketers.

Check colours and graphical devices. Connotations and trademark landscape in the geographies under consideration.

So, as you can see, some challenges persist over time, whilst others arise as a result of the ever-changing landscape in which we market our brands. Either way, marketers need to rise to the challenge in the interests of the commercial performance of their brands.

If some or all of these challenges relate to you or your brand then please contact us for some help, direction and support.

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