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Design-related challenges faced by today’s marketers

We think you will find this page very useful, as we consider what design-related challenges today’s marketers are facing, and how Turquoise Creative can help recognise and overcome them.

Within the last century, starting a new brand has never been so accessible. The digital age in which we live, gives us direct access to markets, decision-makers and talent.

There are a multiplicity of ways to finance brand creation and resource the implementation of a marketing strategy and plans. All this is hugely enabling. However, that doesn’t mean it’s so straightforward that it’s all without challenges to tackle and solve.

Turquoise Creative would like to share some common design-related issues that today’s marketers face.

1 – Successfully translating brand strategy into brand design

There might well be total clarity of brand definition, but translating that into a visual identity that brings the strategy alive in ways that stay true to the brand, is a constant challenge.

Firstly find the right brand designer to work with. Make sure they have a proven ability to achieve to translate brand strategy into brand design.

Immerse the brand designer in the strategy until you’re convinced it’s understood. Involve the brand designer throughout the strategy process to deliver the complete transition.

2 – Consistent implementation of the brand’s visual identity across so many online and offline channels

With so many diverse communication channels and routes to market, it’s an ever-increasing challenge to implement the brand consistently across them all. From packaging to Pinterest and Instagram to ink, with new channels and technologies emerging so frequently, it’s a challenge to ensure the brand is consistently and correctly represented.

As part of the branding development process road-test your brand colours and graphics. Assess how they are treated across different communication channels.

Create a set of draft brand guidelines that are confirmed or adapted once applied across a variety of different applications.

3 – Visually differentiating your visual identity whilst staying true to the brand

‘Plastic’ or ‘fake’ brands pretending to be something they are clearly not.  Be authentic or die. It’s that simple. But do this in a way that ensures the brand stands-out, especially in a crowded marketplace. On top of this lies the challenge to do this in design styles that are relatively timeless. Otherwise, your trendy brand, won’t be around the next trading season.

Create graphical devices/treatments that bring alive the DNA of your brand. Do this in ways that are current and can evolve without most people noticing. This helps to make the brand timeless, not faddy.

4 – Developing or refreshing brand identity that has to work outside the home market

Why create branding and a visual identity that cannot travel outside a home market? If the brand has been created outside the UK, then this challenge may become a reality for UK based Marketers.

Check colours and graphical devices. Connotations and trademark landscape in the geographies under consideration.

So, as you can see, some challenges persist over time, whilst others arise as a result of the ever-changing landscape in which we market our brands. Either way, marketers need to rise to the challenge in the interests of the commercial performance of their brands.

If some or all of these challenges relate to your brand then please contact Turquoise Creative for some help, direction and support.



T: 01293 886805

We are a creative design agency based in Crawley, West Sussex, which specialise in Brand Design, Creative Design and Web Design. Turquoise Creative create and design all the ‘touchpoints’ of your business.

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Turquoise Creative has over 25 years in Brand Marketing, Design and Strategy. We have the tools you need to build and maintain a brand that enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

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Graphic Design predictions for 2020

As 2019 concludes we take a moment to look at what design ideas to expect in 2020. Whatever your design ambitions are next year, adopting modern design ideas for your brand can be difficult. We have taken some of the weight off your shoulders with our top 5 predictions for graphic design in 2020.

Exhibition design

Predictions that are going to get deep

Throughout 2019 there were several advanced with graphic design technology and software capabilities that have resulted in some very unique applications of 3D graphic design compositions and applications. As we move through 2020, we are likely to see more adoption 3D depth and more designs focused around depth and dimension.

Monochrome will diminish

Monochrome has been a staple in graphic design for years. If done right, it can convey class, quality and refinement. More recently, monochrome has become a predominant filter for photos and specific design elements. The monochrome design is a great solution if you are trying to focus the attention on content over design. However, brand design will steer to the effective use of colour to signify brands effectively throughout 2020.

All that Glitters

The application of metallic elements and foils have proved a unique way of drawing attention from the conventional approaches to design and giving brands an individual and uncommon position in the market. Throughout 2020 we predict that you will see metallic elements start to be more common throughout print and digital applications.

Font War

In our 2019 predictions, we foresaw the application of bold, stand out fonts to convey strength and brand confidence. The application of bold fonts is unlikely to diminish but you will start to see simplified and artistic font elements to flourish in 2020.

Isometric Illustrations

An isometric illustration is a method of drawing that utilised a technique called isometric projection which allows a 3D object to be depicted on a flat, 2D surface. This technique gives graphic designers an opportunity to communicate a brand message through a truly unique, engaging visuals. Isometric design is most definitely going to become a bigger trend throughout 2020 and beyond.

What gives Turquoise Creative our unique approach is our forward-looking design ideas. We build brands to last and always work to understand where your brand will be positioned over the coming years. Unique brands that are forward-thinking and evolutionary are laying the best possible foundation for success.

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Turquoise Creative has over 25 years in Brand Design, Logo Design and Brand Strategy. We have the tools you need to build and maintain a brand that enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

Please give us a call on 07813 33978 or 01293 886805 and let us know what you need. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how your brand can work for you.

12 Stats to prove the power of good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

12 Stats to prove the power of good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Good graphic design in digital marketing shows your commitment to your brand. It also establishes a consistent brand identity to the market. It enables consumers to know who you are and what your business is all about. Get it right, and it can catapult your business into the front of minds, and drive emotional responses to your business.

There is a huge drive from marketers to focus on engaging content. Supported with relevant images and professional graphic design. The results are in, countless surveys and studies have been conducted to find out how this drive has impacted the engagement and integration from an audience.

We have taken a moment to look at the highlights below:

  • 8% of Marketers claim that visuals are integral to successful marketing.
  • 85% of small businesses are willing to pay for a professional logo design with an understanding that this is a key element of brand recognition.
  • Consumers retain 65% of information three days after the message is delivered if delivered alongside appropriate imagery.
  • 8 Seconds – Average web users attention span.
  • 50 Milliseconds – visual appeal is assessed.
  • 94% of users will leave a website immediately if there is poor graphic design.
  • 76% of Marketers believe that attractive graphic design makes your business seem larger than it actually is.
  • 85% of consumers will choose to purchase a product over another because it looks nicer.
  • Social Media posts with images produce 650% higher engagement.
  • Facebook posts with images get 230% more engagement.
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets.
  • Blog articles with more images get 2x more social media shares than articles with fewer images.
12 stats to prove the power of good Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

In short, the message is a simple one, building a professional image and brand identity can have a significant positive impact on your business. It can drive engagement with your customers and build trust with potential new customers.

A well-crafted image that has been built for purpose can paint an immediate and lasting impression of your business and sticks with consumers for a long time. Taking time to professionally build and maintain your brand identity can make or break your business.

So if you are considering how you can use professional quality graphic design and need help to build something truly unique, memorable and with a lasting impression speak with us.

At Turquoise Creative we pride ourselves on understanding your brand and business approach, building a brand identity that is an accurate and honest portrayal of your business.

Contact us for a FREE Brand Audit

Turquoise Creative has over 25 years in Brand Marketing, Design and Strategy. We have the tools you need to build and maintain a brand that enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

Please give us a call on 07813 33978 or 01293 886 805 and let us know what you need. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how your brand can work for you.

Exhibition design that stands out

Stand out exhibition design. Our exhibition design for GEW #gewuv was a distinctive stand for LabelExpo Americas in Chicago. That made their business stand out but maintains maximum visual impact.

It was important that the stand was instantly recognisable and created a strong impression while staying on brand. First impressions really count, especially when it comes to attracting exhibition traffic. GEW’s superior products and services are well known, so we had to create a powerful visual appeal on the stand.

Exhibition design

At Labelexpo Americas 2018, GEW showcased its comprehensive range of UV curing systems. Comprising of mercury arc, LED and hybrid systems. Alongside these was the fully hybrid RHINO ArcLED power supply, which has been awarded an ETL Listing for the North American market. The event was an opportunity to update visitors on the full range of UV equipment for use with label printing presses.

As a leading expert for UV curing technology, GEW has become a key player in the design and manufacture of UV systems for web printing and coating up to 2.50m wide. The focus of GEW’s presence at this year’s Labelexpo will be their enhanced range of high-power LED UV systems.

So how can you stand out in a crowded exhibition with an amazing exhibition stand?

Call us today for an informal chat over a coffee, and see what we can do for your exhibition

Contact us for a FREE Brand Audit

Turquoise Creative has over 25 years in Brand Design, Logo Design and Brand Strategy. We have the tools you need to build and maintain a brand that enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

Please give us a call on 07813 33978 or 01293 886805 and let us know what you need. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how your brand can work for you.

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5 search engine optimisation quick tips

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a much more common term as we continue to evolve through the digital age. As the internet becomes increasingly more important for the success of a business, it is crucial that you encompass some sort of strategy around SEO and its place as the foundation for driving a relevant and engaged audience. We look at 5 quick and easy ways you can get your SEO activity underway. Whatever your websites size or purpose, these tips could make all the difference.

Search Engine Optimisation

All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown. They are ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, these listings are deemed organic/natural and are typically the most relevant – offering the best user experience.

If you build it they will come

Your website is rewarded for sending the right signals. SEO is the process of ensuring your content generates the right type of signals. Considering how search engines work, the algorithms which dictate their patterns, keywords and common terms are vital to the success of your search engine optimisation.

Audiences trust the organic results search engines provide. Studies show that over 80% of search engine clicks are generated from the top 3 organic positions. An investment in Search Engine Optimisation is a cost-effective marketing strategy. As a result, driving relevant audience and increasing the credibility of your business.

Optimising a website for Search Engine Optimisation has multiple layers involving various levels of time, skills and experience. From simple editing and content adjustments to outsourcing SEO agents, engagement at any level will show a positive result.

We have listed 5 quick and easy tips to get you started with SEO. These are relatively simple, but highly effective ways to get your foot on the Search Engine Optimisation ladder.

5 search engine optimisation quick tips to get things started…

  • Focus Keyword

What is the main keyword you would like your web page to appear against in search results? Include this keyword as often as possible, without compromising content quality.

  • Meta Description

Edit the short snippet of information websites will use when presenting your page alongside the keyword results. Use the Focus Keyword within that description.

  • Image Attributes

When loading images on your web page, adjust the image attributes to include the Focus Keyword within the description.

  • Word Count

Typically, 250 – 350 words is minimum word count needs to be competitive with your Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Outbound and In Bound Links

Having links to relevant content internally or externally is a great way of appearing on search engines. Building internal links within the content. Also, include an external link where suitable. These are quick ways to generate an organic audience.

There are increasingly more companies looking to search engine optimisation for a cost-effective, natural method for promoting their business. It is a critical tool for website owners to unlock an audience that is engaged with your message and interested in what you do. A good SEO strategy will benefit not only you, the website owner but your audience, allowing them to find you and the relevant content you offer.

If you need more information on SEO, it benefits and advanced options click here. There are countless companies in the SEO space that offer outstanding tools and Advice, we work with DigiBubble, a Sussex-based digital agency offering thought leadership and advice for website owners of every level.

10 years of Graphic Design

It is hard to believe that Turquoise Creative is already 10 years old. They really grow so fast!! We wanted to take some time to really appreciate this milestone. 10 years of working with some great clients, huge projects and fantastic people. We wanted to first thank all of our clients and customers that have made Turquoise as successful as it is. We have an extensive network or exciting businesses we have worked with, we have grown and evolved some truly outstanding examples of branding, graphic design and marketing creatives.

Looking at our branding…

As part of our 10-year celebrations, we collaboratively worked through a branding exercise to refresh our logo. The original logo has served us well, we are recognised locally and have built a presence within graphic design, digital media and branding that we are truly proud to stand alongside. In an effort to stay fresh we refined the typography and refreshed the logo for a modernized look and feel that better reflected our focus on modern techniques and approaches to branding while remaining reminiscent of the original branding.

Upon Turquoise Creatives’ 10-year anniversary we thought that we would also take some time look at everything that has changed, evolved and innovated within the industry. In Branding and design, it is crucial to keep ahead of the curve, monitor trends and pioneer creative techniques. Our business relies on our ability to understand trends, industry developments, the mind of the consumer and their motives.

Looking back at the world…

One of the keys to our success is to keep ahead of news, trends and events. It is important to understand what key actions are affecting your clients, your inspirations and your results. As part of our 10-year celebrations, we wanted to take a moment to look back over some key events that happened through the last 10-years.

What happened in the world of Branding?

2008 – April :: Facebook take over MySpace as the largest social network.

2009 – January :: Barack Obama takes office as US president.

2010 – January :: 3D Television widely available to the consumer market.

2011 – April :: Google plays an April Fool’s Day joke on typography nerds by serving search results for “Helvetica” in comic sans.

2012 – February :: Apple Launches the iPhone5

2013 – April :: Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX

2014 – February :: Apple announced its new innovation, Apple Watch.

2015 – November :: Apple Smartwatch

2016 – May :: The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday and so did the rest of the country.

2017 – December :: Apple drops to #2 in the global 500 brand ranks. After 5 years at #1.

2018 – February :: Turquoise Creative celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a rebrand

Looking back at what we have learnt…

Turquoise Creative strives to learn, improve and understand what key patterns of thought shape the world around us. Within graphic design and rebranding, it is key to actively learn from our experiences and make sure that these lessons shape our future actions. In the last 10 years, there have been some key movements in the thoughts around graphic design, branding, marketing and PR.

PR is more important than advertising

Advertising is expensive and not very credible, especially when used on behalf of a new brand. That’s why many of the most successful new brands were launched with PR. Public relations can be controversial, but that doesn’t work in advertising. Consumers are turned off by advertising that attempts to be controversial or attacks the competition. Consumers tend not to blame the brand if a story in the media does critique the completion or build.

The category is more important than the brand

Thinking in military terms, a country launched a military campaign to conquer a territory, likewise, a company launches a marketing campaign to conquer a category. From a branding perspective, brands rarely hold any value outside of their category. If a company tries to build a presence across a different category, it is a risky journey that has to be carefully navigated.

When Apple decided to get into the smartphone business, it again didn’t use the Apple name. It called its smartphone “iPhone.” The Apple Macintosh brand was reserved for its desktop product.

Steve Oakes Turquoise Creative
The visual is more important than the verbal

The concept of verbal or written communication has changed. The primary objective of a marketing programme is to place a verbal concept into consumer, the best way to delivery this is not with words at all. The visuals are the key to generate emotional appeal and drive your audience to engage with the deeper message.

The key change that we have noticed over the last 10 years is an increase in demand for companies to brand and present themselves professionally. The growth of the internet, along with the changes in behaviour of the consumer means that companies that would have never considered a brand identity in the past now have to consider their brand, how their company is perceived and how fragile their identity is. The freedom of information and the ease that potential clients can inform themselves on the process and requirements around graphic design has meant that we are seeing clients that are much more informed and knowledgeable about what they want and need.

The last 10 years have been a fantastic journey, as well as the people and business we have met, the countless brochures, logos and business cards we have built it has been most rewarding seeing the success we are having within our local area. We are recognised as professional, friendly and experienced and work hard to make sure we maintain this reputation. 10 years is a long time, it can be difficult to understand what events have shaped the position we see ourselves in every day, it is important to look back and take time to remember how we arrive where we are, the events that helped and hindered and think about what more we can do to make sure the next 10 years are more successful than the last.

6 approaches to help build a desirable brand

Studies show that 75% of consumers have developed a preference for a certain ‘type’ of brand. A desirable brand is one that enables the belief that we can become ourselves or achieve aspirational goals as a result of it.

Countless studies have been conducted suggesting that brands are valuable assets. Their colour, values and positioning are key components that can be actioned, however, its desirability is an emotive pursuit that is difficult to create artificially. A desirable brand can make us think and feel differently compared to neutral brands. They can influence our decisions, drive an impassioned response to messaging and drive us to champion the brand to family and friends. If executed well, a desirable brand is a hugely powerful marketing tool.

A brand that people desire is a tough undertaking that needs careful consideration and planning to execute properly. Companies such as Apple and their associated brands iPad, iWatch etc. have consistently held the top positions on respected desirable brand listings and surveys. Other companies such as Ferrari, Google and Samsung are a steady presence in reports designed to understand and quantify how desirable brands build and maintain their position in the conscious of consumers.

There are countless thoughts around the elements that make up a desirable brand. We have looked at 6 common practices for businesses who are trying to build a desirable brand. We think these are key areas that need careful consideration when positioning your brand and its message.

The bigger picture

It is common for a desirable brand to look at the bigger picture. They typically do more to impact people’s lives and actively look for a bigger role in the communities. They are the thought leaders, pioneers and develop a range of propositions.

Looking ahead

A desirable brand understands where there is an opportunity in the near future, foreseeing a need, desire and limitations. This is more than a financial opportunity, rather a chance to meet the rapidly changing needs and behaviour of the consumer.

Allow transcension

Do not get held back by the limitations of a category, a desirable brand is seen to transcend its rivals and not be held by the restriction of broad sweeping brand categorisation. This should be done with direction, you will be shaping and improving the world around us all and need planning.


Desirable brands are looking for more than commercial rewards. This is secondary to a clear purpose that inspires customers, consumers and internal staff alike. Ambition allows you to build a rapport with your customers who are likely to be ambitious and can recognise similar motivational drives.


Desirable brands build rhetoric that encourages people to think, feel and act differently. They engage us in evolving an interesting story of innovation. They are seen to innovate beyond their category and look at anything they could potentially impact.

Build energy

A desirable brand is energising the organisation towards success. Have a consistent direction towards goals and ambitions that are genuine and viable. Energy is more than producing a great product or service, it is about continuously re-evaluating and innovating to ensure the brand has a real role in people’s lives.

A desirable brand constantly drives to engage us in an evolving and interesting story. They innovate across all areas of product, operations and society and do not limit themselves by broad categorisation. They provide all of us with a consistent and evolving story of evolution and innovation. They are considered thought leaders and contribute to an ongoing supply of news, stories and conversation points. They are foremost in the minds of their customers, generate pride and encourage

Do you want to know more?

If you are looking for advice on how to build a desirable brand identity we would love to help. We have looked into the key components of building your identity in our article on Colour and Branding. If you prefer to speak we are happy to offer some advice and direction on your desirable branding ambitions, get in touch, however, best suits you…

T: 01293 886805


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We are a creative design agency based in Crawley, West Sussex, which specialise in Brand Design, Creative Design and Web Design. Turquoise Creative create and design all the ‘touch points’ of your business including:

When is it time for a brand refresh?

What is a brand refresh?

Firstly, you are probably wondering what exactly is a brand refresh. A brand refresh can be thought of as a facelift or renovation of your brand. It is not a total overhaul of your brand (that is always an option) but something far simpler.


Why would you consider a brand refresh?

We all know that change is a fact of business life. Businesses evolve. New products may be introduced appealing to a new types of customers. So whatever size your business is you must adjust to reflect your changing business and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Branding is all about distinguishing yourself from your competitors. But in marketing, it’s not just about differentiation, it’s about setting your brand apart and standing out from the crowd. Is your brand an asset or a liability in that endeavour?

So, to change the way your company is perceived a few tweaks here and there to your branding will help.

By making simple alterations to your branding and positioning, you can:

  • Maintain your brand’s integrity
  • Inject a new energy into your business
  • Iron out any brand inconsistencies
  • Ensure your company’s image is current in an ever changing world
  • Generate a buzz among existing customers and employees

Many businesses are taking this route as it requires far less risk than a complete brand overhaul and can get you the results you desire.

Your business may already have a logo that works well, but things change with time and you need to make sure your business doesn’t become out-of-date.

How do you know when it’s the right time to refresh your brand?

If your business is facing one of these 5 scenarios, a brand refresh (or facelift) is definitely worth thinking about.

1. Is your branding out-of-date?

Your logo might have been revolutionary when you started your business, but now it has aged and your business’s image is suffering as a result. Take an honest look at your visual branding and assess whether it’s moving you forward or holding you back.

2. Have your products/services changed?

Is your brand messaging an accurate reflection of who you are and what you offer today, or is it outdated? Most companies grow and evolve over time to stay relevant. As an example, Starbucks originated in 1971 as a retailer of coffee bean roasting, and their brand identity up until 2011 featured the word “coffee” but over the years they have expanded their business to include espresso beverages, teas, ice cream, etc. which ultimately led to dropping “coffee” from their name.

3. Is your branding inconsistent?

Perhaps you use one version of your logo on printed materials and another on your website, along with all the various strap lines because you can’t decide which work. This can be detrimental to your brand. You need to be consistent or your clients won’t understand what you are offering and to make it worse, you may be seen as sloppy and unreliable.

4. Are you reaching your target audience?

Has your target market shifted since you created your brand, or maybe you have changed the audience your product and services are aiming at? In this case, a refresh will allow you to reach exactly the people you want.

5. Is your business preparing for growth?

If your business is adding in new product lines, or considering a merger, then this is a good time to reassess your brand and make sure it has the strength to carry your business through such changes.

If you recognise any of these scenarios and feel that it’s time to review whether your brand is a true reflection of your business, give us a call. We’d love to hear your story and perhaps we can help. Call on 01293 886805 or email us.

Click on the Alkira brand refresh to see more examples

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Graphic design – Stop! Think!


Graphic design is more important to your business than you think Stop for a moment and think of some of the world’s most iconic brands. What makes them so unforgettable? And what can business owners, of all sizes, learn from them to gain the impact we desire?

It’s usually standout graphics, powerful packaging, appealing advertising or well-written copy. These attributes are achievable for SMEs, even acknowledging that their budgets are minute in comparison to these giants.

Apple, Inc. is known for their amazing packaging designs, use of large areas of white space, gorgeous product photography and beautiful typography.

Nike uses type in a different way and creates maximum impact, inspiring imagery and bold colour palettes which all portray the energy and lifestyle their brand requires. Apple and Nike aren’t just examples of powerful branding, but outstanding graphic design.

If you are a business owner, you may have hundreds of concerns to address during your working day, so you might be tempted to ignore the need for professionally crafted graphic design.

However, utilising a professional graphic designer could be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business.

So what is graphic design, and how can good design help your business?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and colour.

Graphic design helps you make a great first impression. Consumers tend to gravitate towards better-designed product, while providing a positive anchor in their minds. Good design gives you instant credibility, inspires confidence and trustworthiness, and clearly communicates its point to your audience.

Poor graphic design can have an adverse effect on your product or brand!

Have you ever visited a website that was hard to navigate or an advertisement in a magazine that was hard to figure out?

Perhaps you left the website feeling frustrated and didn’t complete the task that brought you there.

Furthermore, an advertisement that is difficult to read or visually disorienting would fail to get your attention long enough to convey the message it was trying to. Advertisers spent thousands of pounds that fail to convert to a sale, and worse the design the costlier it can be for a business.

Good graphic design connects a marketing piece together.

Typography, colours, images, and the hierarchy are the resources a graphic designer uses to create a design that clearly communicates brand, information and value in an eye-catching way. Designers use these principles to minimise distracting, less-important elements and highlight the things that are important, allowing viewers to quickly see what they need to know to decide on a purchase.

Good graphic design make good business sense…

If you feel that your branding is inconsistent or elements of design are letting you down, let’s have a chat. Give me a call on 01293 886805 or email me.

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Children’s book design

Tuxedo’s Tales is a fun and informative book for children of all ages. Bringing wildlife and the countryside to life through the eyes of Tuxedo. This book will take you on a magical adventure as I tell you all about my year in the Sussex countryside. You’ll read about the new friends I meet and the adventures we have together. At the end of each chapter is a Pearl of Wisdom which will teach you good behaviour, respect and consideration, as well as a few of life’s ethics and morals.


The book includes lots of beautiful illustrations by Katie Tunn. Think of characters with kind eyes, soft coloured drawings; think of a modern day Beatrix Potter and you have Tuxedo’s Tales.
I am a real horse I do exist. I am alive and kicking enjoying my retirement being cuddled, groomed, going for leisurely rides and enjoying lots of carrots.

As Tuxedo was a rescued horse, a percentage of the profits of the book will be going to Horse Welfare so they can help other horses to have a happier life. I hope you enjoy reading the book
You can buy my book on this website here.

To have a look at our work for Tuxedo’s Tales please visit :

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