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Does your business need a Facebook page?

Does your business have a Facebook page? If it has – fantastic! If not, you might like to give it some thought. After all, there are lots of ways a Facebook paged can work for your business.


Online presence
It can work in a similar way to a personal Facebook account. It can give your business a face and an online presence that makes it easier for you to engage with your customers. You can share your news e.g. new products, new team members, information and all those kind of things that people need to know.

It’s also easy for your customers to share your information with their friends, especially if you’ve got a special offer or an event going on. Facebook is a very versatile medium as you can put up information as detailed or general as you like and share web pages from other companies that you’re working with – they’re bound to reciprocate and give your business more visibility!

Sharing your products to a wider audience
Another brilliant advantage is that you can share photos really easily. You might like to put up photos of a new product or a piece of work, quotations and ideas to inspire and amuse. Think of what might give a potential client an idea of the kind of business you’re running and upload it. You can also use Facebook updates to interact with potential customers. Be really proactive: ask for opinions and try and get a discussion going. You can do a bit of market research…or get people to answer silly questions during their breaks at work!

Promoting your business
Crucially, though, this is a matter of publicity. Nearly all of us have a Facebook account, nearly all of us log in every day to see what’s going on. Your company’s information could be right there on people’s news feeds very, very easily and for FREE – without it being there, you’d have to rely on people finding your website and visiting it. LInking your Facebook page to your company website also increases traffic and drives customers to your website.

We can help
If you think you don’t have time to keep up with social media, think again. A great tip is to use the “schedule” button which is the clock symbol under the status update box. Set aside half an hour a week to schedule five days’ worth of updates – it’ll also stop you accidentally spending half an hour a day on Facebook!

So, if you don’t have a business Facebook page yet, set yourself one up. Improve your contact with customers, share more information with them and – most importantly – get yourself seen.

Turquoise Creative have set up and regularly manage Facebook business pages for their clients. If you have read this article and see the importance of having a Facebook page please give us a call.

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Team Bravo and Choiroke

Steve has joined Bravo and Choiroke as creative designer. Choiroke is a concert platform bringing together a diverse range of choirs from across Surrey and Sussex for one night only with some songs involving audience participation.

Choiroke’s next concert is back at The Dorking Halls in Surrey on Saturday 1 March 2014.

Choiroke’s debut event took place at The Hawth in Crawley on 3 November 2010. Their second Choiroke concert and debut in Surrey took place on Saturday 11 February at Dorking Halls. They returned to The Hawth in Crawley in March 2013 and are now look forward to their fourth Choiroke back at the Dorking Halls.

Choiroke sets the stage for Community Choirs to perform in a venue that they could never afford to do alone, to showcase themselves alongside other diverse choirs, so sing in the massed choir numbers totalling over 200 voices and have enjoy the opportunity of the audience participation.

The audience enjoys an evening of diverse music and the option to sing along. Some audience members have joined a choir after attending Choiroke’s previous events.

Please visit the Choiroke and Team Bravo website

Twitter @choiroke


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Steve Oakes on Identity Design…

Steve Oakes on Identity Design…

What is your attraction to designing Identities?
“It is the fact that Identities / Logos are at the very beginning of everything. They are how something is recognised, portrayed and understood. What could be better than that?”

What traps or mistakes should a young designer avoid when working on an Identity Design?
“To make sure they understand what the client does, and understand the client’s audience. Most importantly, to have the ability to explain why they have designed the identity that way, and be prepare to inspire their client.”

With your experience, are you able to complete a logo or identity much quicker than before?
“I can access the visual ideas much quicker now. The design process time can vary depending on the individuals involved. The design time is important especially if budgets are tight, however, what really matters is how the end user perceives the design solution.”

Do you think it’s important for a graphic designer to be able to draw?
“I believe it is important that they can look and interpret what they see. It’s also important to be able to make a rough sketch of what they see, to help start the creative process.”

Logo sketches

What is the best bit of advice you have been given?
“Illustrate using typography from my one of my lecturers at Art College.”

What is the worst bit of advice you have ever been given?
“I can’t remember, I must have forgotten it.”

So if you looking to refresh your businesses Identity / Logo, or about to start and new business venture, why not give Steve Oakes at Turquoise Creative a call – with his years of experience he would love to give you some support.

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Coffee or tea lover?

Maybe you are both? This infographic might sway you or not. We definitely learned a couple new facts!

Coffee v Tea

Health experts often cite the benefits of drinking coffee and tea, but have you ever wondered which is the healthier option?

Created by PolicyExpert, the infographic ‘The Health Benefits of Coffee VS Tea’ points out the good and bad of both beverages.

According to the infographic, drinking coffee helps protect the liver against cancer. It also helps prevent type 2 diabetes and reduces the risk of dying from heart diseases. However, drinking too much coffee increases the risk of stillbirths and also decreases blood flow to the heart.

As for tea, it reduces the chance of a heart attack and offers protection against lung cancer, but it also contains large amounts of Tanin, which reduces the absorption of iron in the body.

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