Topsy Turvy…

London address 20 Blackfriars Road has seen some interesting times in its two-and-a-bit centuries, but this latest incarnation by artist Alex Chinneck created as a finale to the Merge Festival must take the cake. The passage on the right side used to allow cattle and horses through to a stable at the back, and in installing the new Miner on the Moon façade Chinneck kept the silhouette intact but turned the building on its on its head.


Chinneck says that given the location’s busy and public nature, he didn’t want to create anything outlandish that would be too in-your-face for unsuspecting passers-by. Retaining the familiar structure amid the urban scenery is key to the subtle effect. The last time he got his hands on a house in Margate the effect was unmissable, but this time around in Southwark anyone paying too much attention to their iPhone might not spot this work at all, or just be left with a vague feeling that something was amiss. We can’t wait to see what happens to the next building that comes in for a Chinnec.

Font for December : Promesh

Every month we like to showcase the best fonts on the web. This month it’s Promesh by Paul Reis, which is free to download!

At Turquoise Creative, we’re big fans of typography and we’re constantly on the hunt for new and exciting typefaces – especially free fonts. So, if you’re in need of a font for your latest design or just like to keep a collection so you’re prepared, we may be able to help out.


This month our font of choice is Promesh by graphic designer Paul Reis . “Promesh puts a spin on your typical and boring athletic font,” Reis comments on Behance. “A distressed mesh look reminiscent of those old school basketball jerseys.”

New modern typography can lift a design concept. Turquoise Creative are always on the look out for a new and stylist font to add to their library.

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Olympics graphics 2016

Rio 2016 is fast approaching – take a look at the official Olympic and Paralympic pictograms.

With any new Olympic or Paralympic Games, all creative eyes are going to be on the all-important design aspects. Logos aside, pictograms are probably one of the most essential designs for the games – adorned across leaflets, architecture, flyers, tickets, and more.

Rio 2016

Here, we get our first glimpse at the pictograms for Rio 2016 – depicting each of the 41 Olympic and 23 Paralympic sports that are set to be part of the programme. Taking 16 months to complete, the project started with designers researching each sport before creating the first strokes by hand.

The strokes were then reconstructed on a computer, fitting the contours of the letters, with the pebble shaped icons designed to symbolise the athletes’ different movements. President of Rio 2016 Carlos Nuzman concluded: “For the first time, all Olympic and Paralympic sports are individually represented.”

What do you make of these pebble shaped pictograms?

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Look Who’s Been Hiding In The London Underground Map !!!

Look Who’s Been Hiding In The London Underground Map !!!

We found these and thought you would like them, pure genius…

1. Barking the Dog.


2. Elephant & Castle the Elephant.


3. Angel the Angel Fish.


4. Hounslow West the Hound.


5. Perivale the Penguin.


6. Oxford Circus the Ox.


7. Whitechapel the Polar Bear.


8. Caledonian Road the Reindeer.


9. Queen’s Park the Cat.


10. Hornchurch the Rhino.


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