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What brand makes you feel happy?

The Guardian’s recent ‘Mood Of The Nation’ survey showed us that more than half of consumers in the UK can name a brand that makes them happy. The survey polled a nationally representative sample of 2,141 UK residents. High percentages of those surveyed outlined very clear expectations that consumers are placing on businesses, including:

• 79% believe that a company should “know and respect its customers”
• 64% “communicating a clear set of values”
• 62% demanding transparency

Also a very healthy 67% of British consumers surveyed were able to name a brand that makes them happy, names like Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Amazon and John Lewis at the top of the list. Brands like these are able to elicit feelings of wellbeing in the minds of consumers through their ability to ‘activate happiness’ – which leads to higher levels of consumer engagement, because of course; happy consumers are spending consumers.

So if you are a brand owner, the question which you may find you are asking yourself is – ‘does my brand make people happy?’.

If you have any doubt, maybe you should give Turquoise Creative a call sometime soon?
Because, after all, brands are what make us feel happy.

Source: The Guardian

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