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Design-related challenges faced by today’s marketers

We think you will find this page very useful, as we consider what challenges today’s marketers are facing, and how Turquoise Creative can help recognise and overcome them.

Within the last century, starting a new brand has never been so accessible. The digital age in which we live, gives us direct access to markets, decision-makers and talent. There are a multiplicity of ways to finance brand creation and resource the implementation of a marketing strategy and plans.

All this is hugely enabling. However, that doesn’t mean it’s so straightforward that it’s all without challenges to tackle and solve.

We would like to share some common design-related issues that today’s marketers face.

1 – Successfully translating brand strategy into brand design

There might well be total clarity of brand definition, but translating that into a visual identity that brings the strategy alive in ways that stay true to the brand, is a constant challenge.

Firstly find the right brand designer to work with, who has a proven ability to achieve this translation of brand strategy into brand design.

Immerse the brand designer in the strategy until you’re convinced it’s understood. Involve the brand designer throughout the strategy process to deliver the complete transition.

2 – Consistent implementation of the brand’s visual identity across so many online and offline channels

With so many diverse communication channels and routes to market, it’s an ever-increasing challenge to implement the brand consistently across them all. From packaging to Pinterest and Instagram to ink, with new channels and technologies emerging so frequently, it’s a challenge to ensure the brand is consistently and correctly represented.

As part of the branding development process road-test your brand colours and graphics and assess how they are treated across different communication channels.

Create a set of draft brand guidelines that are confirmed or adapted once applied across a variety of different applications.

3 – Visually differentiating your visual identity whilst staying true to the brand

‘Plastic’ or ‘fake’ brands pretending to be something they are clearly not.  Be authentic or die. It’s that simple. But do this in ways that ensure the brand stands-out, especially in a crowded marketplace. On top of this lies the challenge to do this in design styles that are relatively timeless. Otherwise, your trendy brand, won’t be around the next trading season.

Create graphical devices/treatments that bring alive the DNA of your brand, but in ways that are current and can evolve without most people noticing. This helps to make the brand timeless, not faddy.

4 – Developing or refreshing brand identity that has to work outside the home market

Why create branding and a visual identity that cannot travel outside a home market? If the brand has been created outside the UK, then this challenge may become a reality for UK based Marketers.

Check colours and graphical device connotations and trademark landscape in the geographies under consideration.

So, as you can see, some challenges persist over time, whilst others arise as a result of the ever-changing landscape in which we market our brands. Either way, marketers need to rise to the challenge in the interests of the commercial performance of their brands.

If some or all of these challenges relate to your brand then please contact Turquoise Creative for some help, direction and support.


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10 tips for Brand Building

10 tips for Brand Building

Wherever your brand lives, online or offline it is vital to ensure that you build your brand well. Brand building is one of the most important methods for growing your business.

A strong brand allows you to gain instant recognition, generate leads and establish relationships with your customers. The process of building a brand can be long and requires considerable effort and planning to get right.

Brand Building

Your brand is more than just your logo or company name, it is all of the assets that contribute to how your brand is perceived by potential customers.

Our blog post on “What is Brand Marketing” gives further insight into what a brand is and how it can benefit your business. The purpose of this post is to explore the key considerations for brand building.

Identify your Audience

Before you consider your brand building you need to first consider your target audience and how to identify them. Your audience profiles can be identified based on…

  • Demographics and psychographics.
  • Competitor audience, followers and brand identity.
  • Consumer pain points and problems.

Targeting a broad audience may mean lower relevance to consumers. If your target audience is small but highly relevant, you have a great foundation for building the rest of your brand’s content and assets.

Research the Competition

Competitor research is an essential step in the process of building your brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

While every brand has competitors, doing good competitor research helps to establish your brand in a unique, yet relevant way. Even though you operate in the same industry, there are gaps your brand may fill for consumers that the competitors are missing.

Unique Brand Building

In a pool of many similar brands, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Drawing on your competitor research and target audience, you can begin to build a brand that both solves problems and establishes themselves as something different than the competitors.

What is your focus?

It is vital to the long-term success of your brand building to pay close attention to the focus of the brand, this is especially important when you are just starting out.

You are not going to be able to solve everyone’s problem, focus on what you do best and build a brand message that clearly highlights it.

Building Brand Personality

Just because your brand is not a person, doesn’t mean it can’t have a personality. It is very important to develop a personality for your brand. It gives your brand a human touch.

Consider the emotions that your target audience is feeling when they are looking for solutions and begin to develop content and language that speaks to your understanding of their concerns.

Name your Brand

The name will have an impact on your logo, your marketing strategy, your trademark, and other digital assets. A business name needs to be unique and easily distinguishable. Keeping the name somewhat broad will help if you plan on expanding your products or services. It is key to research your brand name to ensure that it is uniquely yours and once agreed, move quickly to acquire necessary assets such as domains.

Pick a colour

The colours that you use not only define your brand but also express the feeling you wish to communicate. Ideally, the colours should make you unique and set you apart from your competitors. Studies show that up around 72% of consumers assessments of a brand are defined by colour alone.

Build your logo

If positioned well, your logo will be the primary touchpoint for consumers and your brand making it one of the most important considerations for your brand building project. The essence of a logo is simplicity, making sure you are not over complicating your message or confusing potential customers. It is important to consider how your brand will be communicated through every online and offline medium, build different versions of your logo that can keep consistency whatever the format.

Seek a Second opinion.

If you are working closely on a brand it is likely that you will become emotionally attached to the brand which may fog your judgement and skew final decisions. Receiving feedback is a great way to build your brand’s credibility. You can conduct a survey of consumers or join a networking group that connects you with fellow business owners. Both can provide quality feedback on what’s working and what’s not, especially as you’re building your brand.

Allow Evolution

The process of brand building should be an evolving process. It is commonly agreed by marketing professionals that most successful brands that we recognise today have evolved and changed according to market shifts and consumer feedback.

There is no set formula to brand building, the steps outlined here are a great place to start. At Turquoise we are passionate about brands and enjoy nothing more than working with clients to establish a new brand. If you are considering a brand build, please contact us or call 01293 886805. Alternatively, take our “Brand Audit Questionnaire” and see what your brand can do for your business.

The Importance of Brand Identity

The importance of Brand Identity design has become a focal point for Brand Marketers and businesses looking to stand out from the competition.

77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans. At Turquoise we agree, that a strong brand, that is consistently represented not only impacts the perception of your company but also the success of all marketing efforts. That’s why we work with clients to ensure the brand design is a calculated pursuit that encompasses the ethos of the company, its ambitions and tone of voice.

Brand identity design plays a key role in the creation, development, and marketing of every single business. Here are the main reasons we think a well-developed brand identity is key to the success of a business.

It gives your business a unique aesthetic.

Your business is unique, not only for the product or service it offers but primarily from the staff that make it possible. Build an identity that visually represents the people and their contribution to the brand.

Enable customer recognition.

If your brand is easily recognised it makes your sales process a lot easier, if you are recognised for quality and outstanding service, you have to spend less time convincing people of your qualities.

Allows consistent dialogue with your customer.

If you are driving a message that is consistent, your potential customer will spend less time decoding your offering. With a consistent dialogue, your customer will know where and how to find the information they need.

Makes your reputation stand out in the market.

As with customer recognition, your brand will come to signify your reputation and adopt key characteristics from your customer interactions. It is important that you adhere to the values of your brand if your brand conveys quality but your products are lacking, you will soon be found out and your brand identity compromised.

Separated yourself from the competition.

What is your competition doing? Is it all very much the same? Separate yourself from your competition, not only by your products or service you sell but also by the foundations your business operates from. This gives customers a welcome relief from the norm and gives them a good reason to move away from their competitors.

When it comes to a consistent brand identity we have seen that the brands that maintain a dominant position in the minds of their customers are the ones that have developed an ethos behind their brand. This ethos goes deeper than a good-looking logo and colour palette.

With over 25 years in Brand Marketing, Design and Strategy, Turquoise Creative has the tools you need to build and maintain a brand identity that enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

Please give us a call on 01293 886 805 and let us know what you need. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how your brand can work for you.

Brand Marketing – Making it work

Brand Marketing – Making it work

In previous blogs, we explored the fundamentals of brand marketing and how important your brand identity is when building a consistent brand. In this article, we look into the reasons, purpose and the desired outcomes of brand marketing campaigns.

Why invest in Brand Marketing

Brand marketing influences the decisions for both end consumers and businesses. It is most effective for developing repeat business, as any customer’s perception of a brand is going to be largely informed by their previous experiences with that brand. For customers and clients, the company’s brand represents instant knowledge of that company, service and standards they have experienced first-hand or heard about.

Brand Marketing

How to get started

When developing a brand marketing strategy, companies work to increase customers’ awareness of their reputation. This involves communicating what the company does and how well it does it and providing a way to bring that information to mind in an instant.

This instant aspect might be communicated through a logo that appears on all company material. Or product packaging, company website, business cards, stationery and email address. The brand name/logo should be ubiquitous so that customers associate the company and its reputation with every product and service.

Brand marketing is as much about product and service quality as it is about communication. Poor quality affects a customer’s perception of a brand far more than good quality can. This attention to quality must extend to every aspect of the company’s interaction with customers, including the website and social media activity. Internet marketing of a brand cannot be done as an afterthought, with little investment; any deficiency will reflect on the company’s reputation, and all its products and services.

What if?

If you are struggling to get your Brand Marketing to achieve meaningful results, it may be worthwhile giving attention to the following areas…

  • Product/service quality – Does your business operate as your brand marketing communicates?
  • Competition – What is the competition doing, and where are they seeing the greatest success?
  • Bad timing – is the message, service or product misplaced for the time of year or industry evolution?
  • Lack of demand – are you struggling to demonstrate the value and uncover the demand?
  • Poor alignment with the target market’s values – does your messaging ring true with the values and expectations of the market?

Brand Marketing

How do you measure success in Brand Marketing?

Brand campaigns should have a number of defined and measurable objectives. You may want to increase your media references by representing thought leadership and innovation. Or highlight your successes through Press Releases, articles or social media. Whatever the desired outcome, it is important to consider what you are trying to achieve and how best to use Brand Marketing to achieve them.

With over 20 years in Brand Marketing, Design and Strategy, Turquoise Creative has the tools you need to build and maintain a brand marketing strategy. Which enables you to control how your business is perceived, builds trust and enables an open dialogue with clients.

Please give us a call on 01293 886 805 and let us know what you need. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how your brand can work for you.

8 Graphic Design Predictions for 2019

2019 is in full swing, the trends of 2018 now nothing more than a distant memory. The need for fresh, innovative graphic design is now front of mind for many clients and their brands.

Looking at the year ahead, we have taken a moment to explore 8 graphic design predictions and trends we will likely encounter throughout 2019.

Strong Typography

Bold fonts will project strength, innovation and individuality. Easy to read and workable across mobile and tablet devices, we expect to see bolder typefaces taking centre stage through 2019.

Future Focus

Geometric shapes, futuristic colour palettes and abstract designs are going to be all the rage. Not only will your brand need to embrace the design but also the delivery, focusing on unique and engaged audience channels.

Colour is Back

Working with vivid colours including lighter hues that are bright and intense. As brands work harder to stand out from the competition, we are likely to see them employ more powerful colour combinations to ensure they stand out. Bright corals, vivid yellow and electric blues are going to be increasingly more common through 2019.

Light and Dark

There will be an increase in movement for brands towards contrasting light and dark colours. There was a shift from technology brands to this style late last year, given previous evolutions in design, it will only be a matter of time before more brands follow suit.

Duotones and Gradients

Duotones and gradients started becoming increasingly common last year, this year you will see them becoming more widely spread and innovative. Gradients are no longer going to be restricted to simple background, duotones and gradients will start taking centre stage for many designers.

Design Predictions

Minimalism in Colour

Historically, minimalism has been associated with natural or muted tones, this year however, you will see a new approach to minimalism, vivid, unique colours applied to create the “Pop” that we are always striving to attain.

Hand Drawn Illustrations

In recent years we have seen a move away from hand drawn illustrations, with many designers working with technology to create versatile creatives that can work across countless applications. This year, technology will take a back seat, as we focus on the personality and fun bought about by custom artwork and hand made design.

Authentic Original Photography

For many of us that work with photos on a daily basis, we are able to see a stock photo a mile off. As we navigate ourselves through 2019, you will see an increase in demand for genuine authentic stock images that showcase an honest brand with a clear brand identity.

The overarching theme of 2019 will be an honest reflection of the current times. It will need to be genuine, created with love, simple and honest. Hand delivered with thought and empathy for your audience. We are looking forward to an exciting year of innovative design and unique client ideas.

If you are looking to refresh your brand, stand-out at an exhibition or drive engagement on social media we can help you succeed.

If you are looking for a reliable design team that can deliver success through every communication channel, please give us a call on 01293 886805 and let us know what you need.