We designed the brand REVOOLA Mind & Body

REVOOLA Mind & Body Fitness App
REVOOLA Mind & Body Fitness App

REVOOLA Mind & Body is a highly sophisticated and interactive Mind & Body Fitness App to help everyone be at their best, every day.

Mind & Body – We believe that both mind & bodywork in harmony; never one without the other. So, enhancing ‘fitness’ and wellbeing is always about understanding and working with both elements.

REVOOLA – A wellbeing app that helps you be at your best every day. Your choice of on-demand mindfulness and body fitness classes and activities to suit you. You decide the time and place. Find out more revoola.com


REVOOLA Mind & Body Fitness App

Be more relaxed and focused. Be more energised. Be happier. Be the best You. Every day.

In our busy lives, it’s so important to effectively relax, de-stress and re-energise. With effective relaxation comes much better quality sleep to help us tackle every day at our best. We have developed a dashboard – My Overview – that helps you track and manage your mindfulness activities. Be at your best, every day.

Body Fitness

Your way – Do what you want, when you want. There’s no need to book or schedule a class or activity, as there’s unlimited space. It starts when you’re ready.

REVOOLA Mind & Body Fitness App

Schedule a challenge – Select a class or activity. Schedule the time that suits. Invite friends to join the class or activity at the same time.

Friends – Invite and connect with friends in Revoola for mind and body fitness classes. It’s rewarding in many ways.

My Overview – Your dashboard helps you track and manage your mind and body fitness activities.

REVOOLA Mind & Body Fitness App

Free trial. No contracts. No payment details required. Download now.

What Turquoise Creative did for REVOOLA

Turquoise Creative was appointed to create the brand and develop all marketing channels. Working with REVOOLA has been a pleasure and to see the brand come to life is very exciting!

Take a look at the REVOOLA portfolio page to read more about what they do and see examples of our work – https://www.turquoise-creative.co.uk/portfolio/revoola
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