Autumn colours

Autumn colours for those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, are the first sign of autumn have already started. The afternoon light has moved to more golden tones, the air is chillier, and branches are tinged with new hues and spiders webs. This is the season full of colour, apples, conkers, and a carpet of crunchy leaves.

colour of autumn

As the temperature falls, enjoy the warmth of the autumn colours with our guide to Britain’s spectacular woodlands, arboretums and waterways.

The images here are inspired by the colour palette of autumn.

Why do leaves change colour and fall in Autumn?
colour of autumn
colour of autumn
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I Can’t Believe This !!!

I Can’t Believe This Is One Photograph. We all know Adobe Photoshop, and we all know that no photo nowadays can be guaranteed to be in its original form. The image below is a perfect example of this.

Believe it

That’s four separate images edited into one right? It’s obviously photoshopped, and a poor one at that, let’s be honest!

Were you fooled like I was? At first glance you would think it is, but a closer inspection reveals that this is indeed a meticulously crafted photograph (singular) by Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi.

The conceptual image was taken for the album cover, Terrain by VLP.

Below you can see a different angle of the setup.

Believe it 2

If you still don’t believe us, check out the video below to watch the process take place.

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